Tree Free TP
With the equivalent of 27,000 trees flushed down the toilet every day, we wanted to produce toilet paper that would have little if any impact on our environment.
That's when smartass was created, using a combination of bagasse (A waste product from sugarcane) and fast-growing bamboo, which can be grown year on year with just rainwater and lots of sun and, little wear and tear on soil quality. We thought this had to be a smarter way to take care of our bottom line.
smartass is cushiony soft, strong toilet tissue made from sugarcane and bamboo fibres free of bleach, inks, dyes, and perfume. So it's kinder to the planet that grew it.

Order and Shipping 
We offer nationwide delivery within 2 working days for £4 per carton. Subscribe and get free freight for life. Cancel any time.

Where is smartass made?
Our products are made in state of the art factories in China and Taiwan. We visit our partners regularly, and we're proud to work with the best in the business.

Will TP breakdown in a Septic Tank?
Absolutely! smartass is made from 100% sugarcane and bamboo fibre, as these fibres are shorter than timber, it will breakdown faster.

Can I change my subscription?

You can indeed. Just log in to your smartass account and you can manage your subscription there, too easy. 
Still can't find it? Don't worry, drop us a line at hello@decentpackaging.co.uk and we’ll sort it.

What’s up with the wraps?
Since we sell directly to you via our website, we use recycled cardboard for our boxes and wrap them in our lovely smartass wraps, rather than plastic!

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We'd love to hear from you. Drop us a line at hello@decentpackaging.co.uk