About us

Back in 2016, from an attic space of an Auckland Cafe, the idea to make sustainable toilet paper, smartass, was formed.

With over 27,000 trees being flushed down the loo every single day, we wanted to produce toilet paper from a material that would have as little impact on our environment as possible and remove the need for cutting down trees. After searching high and low, we settled on a combination of Bamboo and Bagasse, two of the world's most sustainable resources.

The benefits of Bamboo is that it’s fast-growing, has a simple ‘diet’ of rainwater and sunshine, and it has little wear and tear on soil quality. We then teamed this with Bagasse, which is a waste product from the sugarcane harvesting process – Name a better duo! 

After the initial rollout of our Tree-Free Toilet Paper, we expanded our range to include Tissues and Paper Towels and gave our customers a subscription option. 

Since then, we’ve become Carbon Zero Certified through Toitu Envirocare, eliminating our carbon footprint through purchasing carbon credits which help plant trees and install solar energy stations around the world, one of our proudest achievements so far.

We’re a New Zealand owned company, operating out of Auckland. Since 2019 we have expanded to have a team in our London office, servicing the United Kingdom. 

Our main goal as a company is to make sustainable household essentials accessible to everyone, removing any hassle involved, and doing it with a smile – and a little cheek. 

Today, we remain independent and dedicated to making a positive impact on the lives of our customers, suppliers, manufactures, and the planet, through our range of products.

Nature called, we answered.


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